Wednesday Recap!

Greetings All! Today has been a beautiful day here in Misahualli! Our team has enjoyed a full day of service at Antioch School. We continued work at the school this morning. It was a rainy morning but our team did an awesome job in persevering through the conditions. After another delicious lunch, we headed back up to the school and had the chance to teach some of the local students in 4th-6th grade. It was wonderful to have the chance to share with them some of the preparations that our Education Committee have worked so hard on. We haven’t had the chance to teach so far this week as the students have been doing virtual learning this week due to the local protest. JKC graciously sent out a special invitation to local students in the grades we would have taught at and presented the opportunity to work with them this afternoon. We enjoyed a bible teaching, math and science projects. It was a fun day! Please enjoy some pictures from the day and some testimonies from our students.

Marin McCrossan:

Today was a fun day. In the morning, we worked at the school. I helped organize bookshelves and then scrapped walls to get them ready for paint. In the afternoon, we went to the school to teach. We taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. We did math and science. Joy and I helped a little girl named Madelin with her work.  After we finished the schoolwork, we got to play with the kids. We did things like knock out, volleyball and just hung out. So far during the trip, I have learned to trust God’s plan. There have been many things leading up to the trip and during the trip where I had to remember that God had a plan and He won’t let us fail. I have had a great trip so far and can not wait for the rest of the week. 

Jason Fain:

As I’ve traveled through Ecuador this week there’s been lots of things that have stood out to me such as service and the worship sessions, but one stood out. Ecuador has spoke to me through God’s creations and beautiful views. Even on the first day of the trip I got bullied for loving the clouds and how we were playing soccer with the girls from Dunamis in a cloud. But it’s true, I was most set on the clouds during the days in Dunamis and the animals and jungle at JKC. It just shows me what God is capable of and what I’m missing out on while in Alpharetta. Every day of the trip I have sat down and marveled at a view for at least 5 minutes. I would just stare at clouds or animals or the giant cactus in the middle of a jungle. The waterfalls, mountains and volcanoes towering over the rivers and valleys have just been the highlight of my trip so far and have shown me that there’s tons of beauties even in countries we are sent to help. I’m not saying any other part of the trip has been worse, except for the riots, because I have loved bonding with the kids and helping the organizations out in any way I can. The views have just stood out more to me so far. Also, the food is really good, but yeah the views have been great.

Rachel Bell:

I met a little girl, Jamie, who was very shy at first, but by the end of the day we were teasing each other while playing basketball. I was so touched that we were able to form a friendship in such a short time. My experience as a tutor allowed me to help Jamie understand the fraction activity with Legos. Later, I spoke to the group about the science topic of mixtures. I put rocks, pebbles, and sand in a jar as an example of a heterogenous mixture. The rocks represented the most important things in our lives (God and family); the pebbles represented the other things of lesser importance that still matter, such as friendships; the sand represented material possessions and things we can live without, such as the latest trends. Oh, and a baby monkey jumped on my back this morning! Today was so much fun!

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