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Final Post for 2019

Here we are. It is amazing to think about the fact this is the final post in regards to our 2019 Ecuador Mission Trip.

I only have two quick things to note for you:

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who donated, prayed, and followed the blog for this trip. You were part of our team every step of the way and your time, energy, and resources were mixed into the seeds that were planted and the fruit that God will produce. Our team is eternally grateful for you all! (Also, huge shout out to Doug Hale for organizing and leading our blog efforts this year!)

Second, if you wish to find the pictures for our trip, then you can find them here: 2019 Ecuador Pictures!

That is all folks. If you have any feedback, questions, or want more information about this trip, then you can reach out to Rene Watson or myself. You can find our contact information at our website: Alpharetta Methodist.

Thanks again!

Lucas Pruett

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