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Day 2: Quito to Misahualli

After a full day at Dunamis, we had a long relaxing bus ride from Quito to Misahualli.  After a stop in in Banos for traditional Ecuadorian lunch it was on to the cable car ride and a quick stop at the Saint House before arriving for dinner in our home for the next five days in Misahualli.  10 hours of travel to go less than 150 miles.

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First Thoughts from two students

Avery Symons:

Wow, amazing, hard work, and beautiful are just a few of the words I could use to describe this trip and it has only been 24 hours. Coming in to this trip I was super excited and had a ton of expectations, but once we landed, I dropped my expectations and prayed to God asking him to lead me through this trip and provide opportunities to show his love. The amazing thing is I have already seen my prayer being answered. Today I mixed, poured, and transported cement which was not an easy task. Mixing and pouring were not hard but as soon as the cement was in the wheelbarrow it was all downhill…literally. We had to wheel it down a very steep hill. At first, I thought I had the hang of it but the more I did it the wheelbarrow got harder to move. Before lunch I was almost down the hill and I spilled more than half of the cement, which is bad once but no I did it twice. I felt so bad, but everyone was like it’s fine your all good. But I had already decided that I was done. I did not trust myself at all wheeling it down for the rest of the morning, but after lunch we got different wheel barrows that were a lot easier to move. Then I decided I was going to try again. I told myself Avery you can do this, so I said a quick prayer asking for strength. After that I did not spill another wheelbarrow again. Why am a sharing this well to be honest I have no idea because it is a very embarrassing story, but what I did realize and what I think God was trying to teach me was that this week is not going to be perfect like I thought it would. I’m probably not going to do everything right, but today God showed me that when I lean on him things go much better.

Deanna Mathis:

Hi all! Yes, all is well. No, none of us have accidentally drank the water yet. Nothing too exciting happened last night when we got in, so I’ll skip to this morning. We traveled through Quito to get to Dunamis after breakfast and got right to work digging holes, carrying rocks, mixing cement, and (the most difficult task of all) holding polls in place. We worked, ate lunch, and then worked even more until the sun started setting. Dunamis just continues to grow and coming from a 3rd year Ecuador kid it has changed A LOT. We were gathered in the living room of a building that was just bones the first year I came, and now people can live here. It’s been a really tiring day and the elevation is wearing us all down I’m sure but after hearing the missionaries’ testimonies tonight, I’ve realized this is the best kind of exhausted. I’m so excited for more tiring days like this. I’m so proud of my team after today and cannot wait to spend the next week with them!!

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Day 1: Working @ Dunamis

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Day 1 Updates

Greetings from Quito, Ecuador.  We haven’t had Internet access since arriving.  Our trip down on Friday went smoothly and we had a successful day working at Dunamis on the outskirts of Quito today.  Pictures and posts from two students coming soon!

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And we’re off!

Ecuador departure

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Meet the 2019 Ecuador Team!

Good Afternoon!

We are heading to Ecuador in 2 DAYS! We are so excited and expectant of the amazing things God is going to do in the hearts of our team and the people of Ecuador. I would love to take a moment to introduce you to our team. Please see all names below:

Abbie Holcombe / Brock Donnelly / Hayley Newton / Abby Fribush / Kellen Fain

Grayson Justiss / Brittany Grigorian / Erin Grissom / Doug Hale / Olivia Holcombe

Andy Garcia / Avery Symons / Deanna Mathis / Bri Macfadyen / Brooklyn Clayton

Emily Bonfanti / Emory Malone / Nancy Malone / Haven Donnelly / Mike Dilworth

Lucas Pruett  / Rene Watson / Charlotte Williams / Stephanie Newton

This is our team! We have been training together monthly and bonding together through meals and fundraising since last January. It is finally time to get on the plane and we could not be more pumped! Thank you for all you have done in supporting us through your prayers, donations, and encouraging words to this point. We would love to ask a few more things of you all:

  1. Please pray for each of our team members by name. We would love for you to pray that this experience would be one that helps define and shape our faith and help us to answer Christ call to “Go” and make disciples (Matthew 28:19).
  2. Please pray for the people of Ecuador. We are not heroes flying in to save the day. We are just one set of neighbors coming to love and spend time with our other neighbors. We ask that you would pray for favor for us in their eyes and that God would continually open doors for us to share his love and encourage our neighbors.
  3. The last thing we ask is that you would check in often throughout the next days. We will update our blog (and AMS Instagram page) daily and we want you to be a part of this adventure with us!

Until next time!

Lucas Pruett (Director of Student Ministry, AM)

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