Additional Friday thoughts from the team

This post is a little late, but I wanted to get it up.

Andy Garcia:

Hey, its Andy, so today was a very special day for all of us. It started with us going on a boat ride to the chocolate lodge, where we were able to see the whole process of making chocolate from a cocoa bean. We were able to help make some chocolate and then eventually able to even try some of It as a spread. After that, we docked the canoe and had lunch on the river. We had some delicious empanadas and the made our way back to the hostile to get ready for the end of the year celebration at the school. At the celebration we were able to see all our favorite students partake in the dances and the award ceremonies. It was tough to say our final goodbyes to our friends, but it was nice to see them all dressed up with their families. We took some good pictures and then went our separate ways. After the ceremony we went back to the hostile to do our final worship. We said our prayers and then made our way to the soccer field to have a friendly match between some of the students, Lucas, our bus driver Willi, and a couple other friends. It was nice to have one final sweat before beginning our long journey back home.

Doug Hale:

We are coming to the end of an incredible trip.  I have been lucky enough to make this journey each of the last four years.  To see God at work in the missions we serve here in Ecuador and in our students is awesome.  I find myself at a loss for words to express how I truly feel, so I’ll just say this:

Thank you – for a church and it’s leaders that support this mission, for the people who have supported me personally through prayer and/or financially, for the parents of our students who allowed your child to go on this trip, and for all my fellow team members.  Thank you!

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