Thursday visit to Pasuno

Greetings all! Lucas here. Today (Thursday), we were presented a meaningful opportunity to take some of our older students to serve a small school in a river town called Pasuno. This is a chance that our teams have not had in recent years and one that we jumped at the opportunity to lean into. We were tasked with preparing on the fly some music for the students, a bible story, and some crafts that went with the bible story (we brought snacks for everyone also!). Nancy Malone and Stephanie Newton did an amazing job putting together some programming for us and off we went. We were excited and anticipating a special experience but what we encountered was beyond inspiring. Immediately after getting off the boat from the road, we were on the school property. It consisted of a huge soccer field and a one room schoolhouse. Inside the one room, we met one of the most faithful teachers I have ever encountered and some of the most precious students on the planet. The teacher of these students travels 2 hours each way to work with this group of fifteen students. She also prepares either breakfast or lunch for them everyday to make sure they can eat daily. She was an inspiration to us all and we were amazed at how each student respected her and viewed her as a mother figure. We quickly realized that each of the student’s lives were immensely better because of the teachers influence and care. Even more amazing, the fifteen students all ranged from first to seventh grade and the teacher taught all subjects for all those grade levels. She instantly has become one of the top ten most inspirational leaders I have ever met. We also were so honored to have the chance to work with those precious students. They sung with us, listened to our stories, and allowed us the chance to color and make crafts with them. It was an extremely special morning. Lastly, we were able to talk about ways that we could partner with the school for some upcoming construction and supplies that they need. I can’t wait to look into the chance to help support this teacher that has given so much to these students. Furthermore, help get her further resources she needs in her quest to give these young students an opportunity for high level education and an adult who loves them and cares for them passionately. Praise God for the unique opportunities to serve he has provided us this week. We are honored that daily we have had the chance to advance God’s kingdom.

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