Wednesday thoughts from the team

Erin Grissom:

Today was our last day in the classrooms with the kids, it was very bittersweet. A couple of my favorite moments were when we were making an edible craft and one of the girls named And said to me “it’s so pretty, ITS ART!” and they were so excited to make and eat the craft, and it gave me so much joy. After that, when we went along with the regularly scheduled class lessons and the day was going smoothly until the last 10 minutes and then all the kids went crazy and we were lifting them up in the air and swinging them around, it was sheer chaos. In that chaos I stepped back and saw all the smiles on the kids faces. I was happy that our team could contribute to the excitement and allow the kids to just be kids and have fun. I’m so thankful that I have been lucky enough to experience it firsthand. That is just a quick synopsis of our day.

Avery Symons:


The past three days here Misahualli have been amazing. Of course, the kids and the work have been a big part of why I am having such a great trip. But what really is making this trip so AMAZING is the fact that for the past 3 days I have held monkeys…yes you read that right monkeys. On Monday a monkey put its hands on mine, and I thought that was amazing, but no it gets better. On Tuesday we went to the beach and there were a ton of them. One monkey was playing with a lighter which was kinda scary, and a guy was trying to get it back, but the monkey almost attacked him. I was safe though so don’t worry Mom. Anyway, we started walking back after many attempts to hold monkeys. That’s when the most amazing thing to ever happen did. A monkey climbed on Mrs. Nancy and then on me I was the most amazing experience. I was so happy, if you want to see how happy I was I’ll show you the pictures when we get back. Anyway, fast forward to today and we went to bought fruit to feed the monkeys to get more pictures. There were even more monkeys today, and it was so much fun feeding them. They climbed all over me and I was just as happy as I was the day before. My goal for the rest of the trip to touch a monkey every day after lunch. Going to miss the monkeys the most after we leave Saturday.

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