Sunday thoughts from our students…

Kellen Fain:

Today was a slower day. Being our travel day, we were on the road from 9 to about 6:45. While on the road in the middle of nowhere, you are left to a lot of time and nothing to do. With this time, I began to observe. I spent time really taking in the mountains and the way rivers had paved a way through the rock to form deep and crazy canyons. Now as a high school boy, thinking is rare so when it happens it probably means something. These mountains allowed me to realize the crazy power of God. But in this thought, I then looked to the true power of God shown through his son. To defeat sin by sending a man into the world so he would be a servant to people and show what love is meant to be. I am blown away by this and I can’t even comprehend this love. As I near the end of my thinking, I ask myself so what do I do. What do I do to show my thanks for the actions God has taken to save me? The answer is to love God and to love my neighbor, but I so often get caught up and those two simple commands end up getting lost in my life. If I do anything this week, I want to be able to place those to things in the front of my mind, so I never lose sight of my purpose in this life.

PS Mom I am alive and well.

Charlotte Williams:

Hey everyone! Ecuador has been so good to us so far! Tomorrow we are headed to the school to teach 4th and 5th graders about math and science! We have some fun games and activities planned such as; edible compost and playing games because who doesn’t love that.  I am very excited because the kid I sponsor, Fabian, is in 5th grade now and I will be able to spend time with him and help him with his English. I am ready for the rest of the week and ask for your prayers & support. We love you parents 😉😉 love, char ❤

Abbie Holcombe:

It is so great to be back in Ecuador; it honestly feels like a dream. Today we drove through winding mountain roads on our trek from Quito to the jungle village of Misahualli. After a stop for lunch, a trip across the gorge in a zipline and multiple bathroom breaks we made it to the hostel in Misahualli and were welcomed with a delicious dinner. We wrapped up the night with worship and shared about our experiences and what the Lord has already been teaching us on this trip.

This group has been incredible when it comes to discerning God’s voice. We think He has been telling us to lean into Him and His presence with an open mind and heart. We know that God is able to do exceedingly more than we could ever ask or imagine. With that mindset, we are so excited to begin teaching the fourth and fifth graders of JKC tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for showing your support for us by reading this blog and keeping us in our prayers! We love y’all and cannot wait to share more about our week here in the jungle!

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One thought on “Sunday thoughts from our students…

  1. Lori Fain

    It’s so good to hear from y’all! I love hearing how God is moving in your hearts. I also love hearing you’re all alive, well, and happy. I look forward to reading more posts. You all remain in my prayers!

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