Tuesday – Student Spotlight!

Greetings All!

For our Tuesday recap, we have Max Farnham sharing with us. I’m going to turn it over to him now. You can see pictures from the day below! (Please note also that there will be an album with all pictures and non-posted pictures available next week.)

Hey All, Max Farnham here. I’m going to take a moment to describe my Ecuador experience so far, particularly our Tuesday experience. Ecuador is a wonderful place with lots of exotic and wonderful sites and filled with wonderful people. Furthermore, I have been blown away by the hospitality and kindness of everyone here. The kids at the school are extremely nice and hilarious. I enjoy how they can play hard but work even harder. Miguel and Gustavo are two students in the class I’m working with this week. They are intelligent, but love to play and have fun at the same time. In the afternoon, we worked at the school. The labor is hard and tiring but you have feeling of great satisfaction when you are finished. You walk away knowing that you have been part of something special. To wind down the day, we made an ice cream run into town and spent some time hanging in the town square, this was very fun. There was monkeys all throughout town and one monkey stole Mr. Shannon’s bag of fruit. That was amazing. That’s all for me folks.


Max Farnham


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