Monday – Time to Work!

Good Morning!

We had the chance to finally settle into our normal schedule today. It was an awesome experience to be with the beautiful students at the school. There was much joyous reuniting for past team members and quick new friendships made for all of the new team members. Our structure in the AM is different this years than past. Our team is divided in groups and are responsible in teaching a grade between 4th-7th. We are excited to see this unfold because it gives each team the chance to practically invest in one class of students over the course of the week. Each day, we will read with them in English, enjoy some recess (my forever favorite subject!), STEM Projects, and math based Escape the Room Activities. We already feel such a credibility in the eyes of the students and we all can’t wait to see how we can continue to speak truth and encouragement in the students lives through these lessons.

After an amazing lunch and unwind, we spent the afternoon at the school working. We divided up and began work on a couple of different projects around the campus. It was fun to see our group divided up and contributing on many different levels around the school. We had some students wielding machetes to clear some space in the jungle, others moving rock for the new building, and then another group doing some sanding. It was an afternoon full of hard work but we know that our contributions are going to have a huge impact on the campus!

After an amazing dinner (food being spectacular has been and will be a theme all week!), we had a great worship team and Abby Fribush shared some encouragement with us. We also had the chance to hear the testimony of Roberto DeValos and his wife. They are the founders of the school and projects that we are partnering with us this week. Our kids were blessed by their testimony of boldness and had the chance to learn much about the program and the dynamics of the area we are new neighbors in for the week.

That is the Monday recap! Enjoy some pictures below and we will see you tomorrow!

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