Sunday – Adventure Day!

Greetings All!

What a day of experiences for our team today! We enjoyed many adventures and further getting use to our new surroundings for the next week. First, we had the chance to take a river boat trip on the Napo river to a local chocolate factory. It was so unique to learn how chocolate is made and to see the process.

After returning from the river boat trip, we took to exploring downtown Misahualli. Sunday afternoons are a day that the market area is in full swing and the town is alive. We had the chance to spend some time with the locals and play with some monkeys!

Mid-afternoon, we traveled to the farm. The farm is owned by the company (Jungle Kids for Christ) that runs the school and is used to help provide work opportunity for student parents and further financial stability for the organization. We toured the farm and then had the beautiful honor to lead a worship service for the missionaries.

To close out the day, we had an amazing dinner and spent some time in town playing frisbee and soccer. It was a beautiful day and we can’t wait to get to school in the morning and begin working with the students. More to come! Enjoy some pictures below!


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