Ending on a High Note

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Worship around the fire

On Friday, we got to sleep a little later than usual. We didn’t have VBS in the morning at the school, and so we used that time to see the 8-acre farm that is being developed in conjunction with Jungle Kids for Christ and the Antioch School. Rich (a missionary currently handling construction and work teams at the school) gave us a tour of the property and shared his testimony. We had a beautiful time of worship around a fire, surrounded by the jungle, with the sound of the river below us.

IMG_5893 (Small)

At the trunk of Big Tree

From the farm we stopped off at a local attraction of sorts. It’s called – not too creatively – “Big Tree.” It is aptly named though. It would take over 30 people to encircle its trunk. Standing at its base and gazing skyward, you couldn’t help but think that James Cameron used this tree as his inspiration for Avatar.

After lunch and a swim in the river, we pulled on the work boots one last time and headed to the school for an afternoon of work. The team did an outstanding job in the blazing heat (we’ve had far less rain during the trip compared to previous years). We continued to work to prepare the new building for students this fall.

We once again closed the day with a worship service and Communion. Ric and Rene reminded us that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet – that he came not to be served but to serve. Everyone shared stories of how the week has changed them, of how God has spoken to them, and of how they have a desire to serve him more faithfully moving forward.

Today we pack up, leave the jungle, head to Quito, and wait for our red-eye flight back to Atlanta. It’s been a beautiful time in a beautiful place with beautiful people. To God be the glory. Gloria a Dios!

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