Unforgettable Moments

Yesterday was another great day for our team at Antioch School, with VBS in the morning and construction in the afternoon. In addition, a small group from our team spent the afternoon with the teachers from the school, most of whom speak very little English. We shared (with translation) Scripture, worship, ice cream, and prayer.

IMG_5618 (Small)

The AFUMC team prior to VBS

God is leaving his imprint on many of our hearts through stories that can’t be captured in pictures. It seems that everywhere we turn we encounter a moment in which God is saying, “Stop. Savor this. Remember me. See me in this place. See me in these people.” Feel free to ask some of our team about:

  • Deanna’s reaction when she heard that our team funds would provide sponsorship to one of the girls named Donna.
  • Seth’s lingering good-bye hug with Jonathan.
  • Abby’s experience in the classroom of how God is everywhere, regardless of language or continent.
  • Rene’s realization that Eduardo was learning about worship from us!
  • Reed and Ryan’s tireless work emptying the truck of sand…and rocks.
  • Seeing Rich and Tiffany (missionaries) enjoy and soak in our worship time.
  • Michael sprawled on the floor as school boys joined into the defeat of Goliath.
  • Meghan’s story of being led by the hand to the new building and invited to place her hand on the building.
  • Eunice (hostel owner) dancing with our team after worship.

The tears from these – and many other moments – will be wiped away. But the memories will linger in our minds and hearts forever.

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