A Special Week!

IMG_5452 (Small)This is proving to be a very special time for everyone on the team. We continue to bond and enjoy our time serving together. Attitudes have stayed very positive, and our worship times in the evening have been led and filled by the Holy Spirit.
Today, we moved to 3rd-4th Graders for our VBS time. Once again, it was amazing to see our team loving, teaching, and playing with these students in a selfless way. Each day, many members of our team have made meaningful connections with some of these young students. They’ve shared in the evenings about what that connection meant to them – smiles and moments that they will never forget. There have been powerful lessons learned about the barriers that separate us (such as language) compared to the things that unite us (such as love and laughter).

IMG_5510 (Small)After lunch, we returned to the school for our afternoon of work. Some of the projects since Monday are ongoing: mixing and pouring concrete, scraping concrete walls to prep for plaster, and digging a trench through very rocky ground for pipe/conduit. Today, we added a couple of extra things: scraping slick algae off of pavers, and digging a deep hole to receive shower water from one of the “cabins.”

Our day ended with a delicious dinner, a quick walk down the street for ice cream, and a powerful worship time that included two of the missionaries from the Antioch School. Thanks for your continued prayers – God is making himself known in our midst!

I’ll make another post from today that only contains pictures…

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