June 20 – Work in the Afternoon

IMG_5203 (Small)

The new building for 7th-8th graders.

After lunch, we continued our projects from yesterday. It was somewhat frustrating, because the holes and trench that we dug yesterday were filled in by the hard rain overnight. But our teams didn’t complain. They got straight to work, emptied the holes and trench of water, and pressed on. We made and poured concrete…a lot of concrete! Another group worked hard sanding concrete on the interior of a room that will be used for 7th graders during the upcoming school year. They worked really hard – not complaining about the constant concrete dust in their eyes, hair, mouth…

IMG_5361 (Small)Every team member has been fully contributing, and each one has really been willing to work hard. Our clothes today were filthy after the work day, but I think everyone agreed that it was worth it. We trust that God will use the work that we’re doing to impact the students that will come to the Antioch School. And He’s already using it to impact all of us!

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