June 19 – Going to School

IMG_4996 (Small)Today was our first day at the Antioch School. In the morning, we led a large class of first graders in a mini-VBS. After lunch, we split into 3 work groups to accomplish various tasks. The school is hurriedly working on a new building that will host 7th & 8th grade students. All of our work today supported this effort. As part of our team’s worship tonight, we got to hear from 2 of the missionaries at the school (Ashley is from Oklahoma and Sarah is from Tennessee).

Here’s what some of our team is saying:

IMG_5163 (Small)What’s one way you’ve experienced God during the day/trip so far?
Seth Leigh: I’ve seen God work through actions at VBS. I met a little boy and we had a blast playing frisbee and soccer even though we understood maybe 10 words each other spoke. Seeing the joy and love on his face was priceless and knowing that it came from purely actions astounds me. God was certainly working through us and between us to form that relationship that spoke no words. God works in the most unexpected ways and most of the times He presents Himself in the little instances that mean the most.

How does what you’ve experienced compare to what you expected?
Charlotte Williams: I didn’t expect for everything to be so relaxed and I’m so happy to have been able to see soooooo many cool things in only three days!!! ITS EXTREMELY HOT BUT IT’S WORTH IT!
Emily Bonfanti:  I did not expect the food to be so good. Also, I did not expect to hear testimonies from inspirational missionaries, like Boris, that really touched me.

If you were talking to someone who was scared/reluctant about coming on a trip like this, what would you tell them?
Deanna Mathis: I would tell them I’ve been there! I understand what they’re going through but it IS MORE THAN WORTH IT! God has been so good and it’s only been three days. I’ve seen so much beauty from people and places and the team has been bonding and jumping in with both feet. It’s been amazing to see God moving.

Taylor Martin: I would tell them that it is so worth it in the end. I was nervous and had doubts about coming but you experience so many great things that you would never be able to experience in any other circumstance. I have only been here for 3 days and I’ve had so many amazing opportunities and life changing events that were so amazing.

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