Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

IMG_4819 (Small)Our day today began with a delicious breakfast. After that, we met and prepared for our week of VBS that begins tomorrow. We shared a time of worship, then headed out to the Napo River. We took small canoe-like longboats down the river to a small farm that grows and produces natural cocoa. We were able to see the process – and taste samples – all the way through the process. When’s the last time you sucked on the gooey seed of a cocoa plant?? We watched as they turned the raw materials into a delicious chocolate spread, right in front of our eyes. After that, it was back to the boats to return up the river to our starting point.

IMG_4915 (Small)From there, we rode to the cultural village of Shishipuno. This village strives to keep alive the indigenous culture of this region, and we saw examples of historical Amazonian culture. We witnessed native language, dance, drink, and arts/crafts. The WHOLE TEAM got in on the act and participated in a tribal dance. From there, it was back to town for some local sightseeing and hanging out before dinner. It was a good day! Everyone is looking forward to our work with Antioch School beginning tomorrow. Stay tuned for more, and keep us in your prayers.

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