In Our Own Words…

Through the rest of the trip, we’ll be posting some reflections on the trip from some of the team members, especially our students.

What’s one way you’ve experienced God during the day/trip so far?
Emily Bonfanti: I experienced God when I saw the amazing work that Boris and his family are doing for the girls they save. He took so many risks and God provided for him every time. We were part of something incredible that is going to change lives!

IMG_4810 (Small)

Today included a ride on the Napo River

How does what you’ve experienced compare to what you expected?
Deanna Mathis: I totally thought the hostel would be completely isolated in the jungle but we are in this amazing community with some amazing ice cream, culture, and of course spray on tattoos.
Taylor Martin: I didn’t expect for everything to be so beautiful. The landscapes and the way that the people function here is so amazing. I thought that the hostel would be in the middle of the jungle but it’s in the middle of this beautiful town with amazing people and I’m so happy to be a part of this experience. 

Our theme is “Do everything in love.” How have you seen that lived out so far?Michael Pratt: The first work day the team went to the Dunamis Foundation, which shelters girls  from human and sex trafficking, and met the founder named Boris. The passion that Boris had describing Dunamis and the girls that would go through this foundation was moving. This passion was the love he had for the girls that have been through so much suffering.

IMG_4963 (Small)

We toured the native village of Shiripuno

If you were talking to someone who was scared/reluctant about coming on a trip like this, what would you tell them?

Brendan Payne: What I would tell someone who would be reluctant to coming on a trip like this is that it’s common to feel that way. I felt hesitant to coming on this trip because I had never done anything like this before, I didn’t know what to expect, and it’s out of my comfort zone. However, I believe that’s the point of trips like these, to step outside of that comfort zone and experience a new country and culture. I’m only one day into the trip and it’s already been such a great experience and I’m so happy I decided to come.

Ian Greene: I understand where they’re coming from, but what I’ve experienced here is far less intense than what I expected. The work is hard, but you’re taken care of SO well. The food thus far has been tremendous. Going into this trip, I expected it to be far more intense. But I’d encourage them also to truly just let God be their guide throughout this trip. And God is our prince of peace, and if you allow him to be present, I’ve found that peace that he provides to be overwhelming.

What’s been one of the best things about the trip so far for you?
Emily Bonfanti: One of the best things is being able to see life outside of our little Alpharetta bubble. To see God working hundreds of miles from our home is so eye opening.

Seth Leigh: The best thing I’ve seen so far on this trip is the Dunamis Foundation. Boris and his family have so much passion for rescuing these women from slavery and it really touched me. Seeing Boris devote his whole life to what God called him to is incredibly inspiring and I love seeing God’s work in action! 

Ian Greene: I love being able to see how quickly the group has bonded together and how well we all work together. It truly makes any type of work we do here much easier but it also makes this trip so much more enjoyable.


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