Views by Matt Hashemi

Today, the last day in Ecuador, we spent exploring the inner beauty of the Quito, E6N8A8377cuador’s
capitol city. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the hostel this morning, as we overlooked the city from the breakfast table.
Next, we were able to see Boris’s ministry, Dunamis, and see how Christ is working in the lives of many of the women in his ministry. We were then able to go and see the equator, and learn about many of the indigenous cultures of Ecuador.


In the afternoon, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch with some hot empanadas and rich ice 6N8A8418


We also enjoyed the, fascinating, Quito market, and we bought a lot of cool alpaca sweaters.

To cap off the day, we took a cable car up the mountain, and experienced the breathtaking views of Quito and the surrounding mountains.  Overall, I felt that today was a great end to the Ecuador mission trip, because we were able to experience the true inner beauty of Ecuador, and the unique culture it has to offer.



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