The Mountains by Susan Miller

Today was our final day in Ecuador and we spent it in the capital city of Quito. In the morning we woke up and drove to Boris’s, a missionary who helps young girls out of human trafficking. He and his wife work hard to teach the girls life skills like typing, sewing, and other job skills, such as jewelry making.

Next we went to the Equator and got a crash course on the indigenous cultures of Ecuador before examining sundials and taking many pictures with each foot in a different hemisphere.



Our last stop was the mountains surrounding the city. We took a cable car up the side of the mountain, which took about 10 minutes. 6N8A8426Once we reached the top, we took a dirt path that wound up through flowers and grass until we were surrounded by cliffs that dropped down into deep valleys between the mountains.6N8A8511

The air was cold and crisp and, at 13,000 feet, everyone was out of breath once we reached the top of the mountain. I was the first to the top and while everyone else was catching up, I just stood in silence and enjoyed the beauty and peace. For those of you who haven’t been to Quito, the city sits within a valley surrounded by a circle of mountains so in every direction so all along the horizon all I could see were the clouds covering the mountain tops and the city down below filled with its colorful buildings stretched for miles and miles as far as I could see. The view was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and not something I will soon forget.


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