The Final Day by Rebecca Wallace

Sadly, today was our last day in Ecuador. We began the day by traveling to Dunamis and we listened to Boris talk about his ministry there. At Dunamis they take girls in who had been sex trafficked and they help provide them with the necessary skills to support themselves. Within this ministry, girls come and spend parts of the day there where they can learn how to do things such as making jewelry and other skills to help them make a living for themselves. Along with learning these skills, many of these girls are introduced to Christ, which is meant to show them that there is an alternate lifestyle meant for them, where they do not have to be controlled and abused. It was amazing to hear about this ministry. It shocked me that the girls ranged from 9 to 17 years old. I cannot believe they are so young when they are sold or introduced to this lifestyle, but I think it is wonderful that people such as Boris are willing to help them find another way to live.

After we left Dunamis, we traveled to the Center of the World, otherwise known as the equator. It was very cool to see this and to have the chance to stand in both the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time. 6N8A8407We learned about the history of the equator line, and we also learned about many of the native tribes of people within the Highlands region. After visiting the Equator, we traveled to the market in Quito where we had the chance to shop for all kinds of things ranging from jackets to blankets, chocolate to bracelets, and t-shirts to journals.

They had just about anything you could want there, and I loved getting the chance to buy items for family and friends who supported me on this trip. Our final stop today was the 6N8A8426cable cars which took us up the side of the mountain. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We got in a cable car with six people,
and it took us up to the top of the mountain where we had the chance to walk around and take pictures. I cannot even describe how beautiful it was up there. We spent a lot of time up on the mountain admiring the views and taking pictures with the group. I loved it up there, but we were about 13,000 feet up, so at some points the air became very thin making it hard to breathe.

I loved being up on top of the mountain, and it was a great end to a wonderful trip. It is hard to believe that it is all over now, but I could not have asked for a better trip or better people to spend it with. God is so wonderful, and it was so amazing to see him work in all kinds of areas of the world.

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