Jungle Kids by Suzanne Kebanli

Seeing my same boys from last year again this year was my absolute favorite part of the trip. Last year they were little 3rd graders and seeing how much taller and smarter they are now as 4th graders was amazing!


They all remembered me and we hung out all week during any free time we had. All of the boys from last year that I became friends with still go to Antioch except two, so I was sad I didn’t get to see all of them but I made some new friends, too! They are the cutest kids ever and I cannot wait to see them next summer.


What I really want to do is go back after I graduate and be an English teacher at the school. A few of the parents of the kids I met last year told me I should do that and I saw that as God telling me that the jungle is where I am supposed to be. I would absolutely LOVE to do that and I know it’s something I am very passionate about. I think it’s amazing how strong of a connection I have with them and how trusting they are towards all of us. I definitely saw God’s love through those boys and through everyone else at the school. I can’t wait to see how my relationships my group of guys grows and grows throughout the years!


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