Giggles and Laughter by Emily McDanel

Ecuador is absolutely a great experience to meet new kids and discover new things. The third day when I hung out with the fourth graders was my favorite day by a long shot. I met two beautiful young girls named Mireya and Solange. Those two girls made my entire week! They were the joy and sunshine of Ecuador.


I connected so close to them, and it was fairly easy because they both spoke English very well. Mireya and I had a special connection because we both liked the same things and she would always come up to me and hug me until I popped. I will never forget those three hours I got to spend with them, those were the best three hours of the trip. Those two bright and intelligent girls had such an impact in my heart. And the way they were smiling and laughing around me, they made me feel like I was at home. So them making me feel like I was at home was them making me feel like family. I’m now apart of their family and they are apart of mine. Leaving this place and leaving all the wonderful children and people there is very heartbreaking but looking at all the pictures everyday will make me feel like I’m right there in Ecuador with them, having a grand time. Every single word they said, activity they did, song they sang, dance move they danced, etc. will always have a strong place in my heart that I will never ever forget. Their powerful voices changed my life. I cannot wait to see them again! They are going to do great things in not just theirs but others lives. I just have to wait a year to see them again and that year will be the longest year of my life. I would give anything to see those cute, little smiles on their faces again!

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