Concrete Cowboys and Gravel Gauchos by Ryan Symons

We woke up yet again this morning to the sound of rain pounding on the roof of the hostel. The soreness of making concrete the day before didn’t help either when it came to getting out of bed. Then again when you have two roommates that get up with the 7:00 alarm there’s not much you can do but get up on time. The early wake up call was worth it in order to get to breakfast on time which yet again was delicious. Then it was off to the school for day three of VBS. Today it was the fourth graders.

We started off once again with teaching them the song which went smoothly for the most part because they understood English more than the younger kids. Then story time rolled around where I was late on a few of my lines due to not needing our translator Karl as a buffer. When games rolled around we got limited to half of our space, but such is the risk when you’re at a school.

We wrapped everything up with a science experiment in which I spent most of the time telling the kids to stop messing with the bucket and the balloons.

After lunch it was back to work where I continued my work as a Concrete Cowboy which is a nickname that all the people that worked with the concrete agreed on. Today our job was to move all the freshly cast concrete blocks to the path that they were lining.

After that was done we became the Gravel Gauchos where we took a bunch of gravel and moved it to the muddy areas. Then we returned to the hostel for dinner and Suzanne’s birthday party.

All in all another great day in the jungle.

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