Common Ground by Rene Watson

After an amazing day of VBS and a variety of work projects around the school,

we were blessed to have our missionaries join us for dinner, worship, and a dance party in honor of Suzanne.

Our devotion was offered by Noah and Suzanne who talked about the fact that we are more alike than different, no matter who we are or where  we come from.   This is a theme that we’ve experienced throughout our trip—people in the jungle live very different lives than we do, but every time we hear a child laugh, pass someone on the street and exchange a smile, or experience the feeling of complete joy at the sound of rain on the tin roof as we sleep, we are reminded that God created all of us and all that we have and enjoy.   We shared Holy communion in our outdoor dining room (everything is open air here!) and it was amazing to serve not just our team, but the new pastor for the school and his wife who came here from Cuba, School Director Roberto Davalos and his family, Susan the missionary from Florida, a few invited guests, and Eunice (our wonderful Hostel Paisano Hostess) and one of her staff.  It was a beautiful gathering of people whose lives intersected in this time and space, and as we worshiped the Lord together, we were simply brother and sister, family in this beautiful little place called Puerto Misahualli, Ecuador.   This is our common ground, that we are all created in His image.   I pray that each of us leaves this place transformed by the experience, the people, the absolute assurance that God is with us.  How good it is that we are all more alike than different, united by the fact that God loves us more than we can ever imagine or understand.

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