Being Content by Mike Dilworth

Philippians 4:11-13 speaks of Paul’s ability to be content in all matters.  I have found that this chapter in Philippians has been one that has meant a lot to me in various circumstances. Starting off with how to put your total trust in God and receive the Peace that surpasses understanding (verses 4-6), to how to guide your thinking (verses 8-9).  Verses 11-13 kept coming up to me during this trip – Being Content.  Being content is not an innate trait but one that is learned through the Grace of God.  I struggle with this often times in wanting more out of my life.  I think it is normal to strive to improve and be better – indeed I think this is what we should continue to do but within limits.


What struck me during this trip was how all of us on this trip experienced working and communicating with those in Ecuador and never hearing any complaining, exasperation, frustration nor judging.  Those living in the jungle have a tough life, one that we can hardly imagine, yet they give the appearance of  being content.

Their eyes, heart, smiles and hugs show the loving nature that seems to exude from each of them.

You wonder how they can be content and I believe it is through Jesus Christ that many have shown them their love and care that transcends God’s peace and contentment to each one of them and makes its way to each of us.  Likewise the experience that each one of us on this trip takes home is how blessed we are in so many ways.  Maybe we can remember to be content with many of the situations we deal with and let God’s Peace and timing work in our lives more each day.  One of my most favorite musicals is Les Miserables.  The last verse is so beautiful – “To love another person is to see the Face of God.”  I believe we saw God all over the School in the Jungle.  May God continue to bless the children and staff.  Can’t wait till next year!


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