Just Keep Digging by Brendan Donnelly

The morning came fast as we woke up at 7:00 and got a good breakfast to start off our day.  After breakfast we got on the bus to head back to the school for VBS. This day we had the third grade boys, who seemed ready for us as we arrived.

The boys of today’s class were not much easier than the second graders. Kids like Julian, Luis, Gustavo, Issac, and Eithan owned my heart. We started the day with a song which followed by a craft. The craft was fun because the kids were able to use their creative minds to make something special.

After that came recess and Andrew, Karl, and I taught the kids how to play American Football. During that time we were also able to see the second graders from the day before. So seeing the kids like Fabian, Matias, Ehan, and Axel brought a smile to my face.

After finishing VBS we returned to the Hostal for a great lunch, which was short lived as we had to return to the school for the dirty work. We arrived back at the school and were split into different jobs. My job was to dig trenches for the new wall they were going to be putting up hopefully in the near future. So for three grueling hours, stuck in the heat of the Ecuadorian Jungle, Andrew, Rene, Abbie, Karl, Suzanne, and I worked to create a spot for this wall.

After finally returning from the “sauna” we got to eat a beautiful dinner which was followed by singing and a devotional which concluded day two in the Jungle.

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