Are We There Yet? by Amy Miller

“Are we there yet?”  Thankfully the kids on this trip are old enough not to ask that every 5 minutes because we are waiting…and waiting…and waiting….to board our plane for Quito!



Anticipation is high, and everyone is excited to get going, yet they have moved us from gate to gate, and the departure time keeps shifting.  One of the kids asked me earlier why we couldn’t know more definitively when we would leave Atlanta and arrive in Quito.  I responded, “I don’t know, but we’re going to just be where they ask us to be and wait for the next direction, and eventually we’ll get there!”  A bit like how God asks us to trust Him, don’t you think?  When we commit to just showing up, just being where we’re He leads us to be, even without knowing exactly where the path will lead, we end up where we’re supposed to be in the end.  That’s how I see this week in Ecuador – we’re showing up, and we’re excited to see where God takes us!


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One thought on “Are We There Yet? by Amy Miller

  1. Shoot. I’ve already fed horses and put them out, delivered a round bale of hay, unloaded a truckload of shavings, done stalls and swept out the barn by 10:30 this morning. Maybe next time you can have a mission trip to my farm. I’ll get you here quick and start you to work early.:) I know, I know, it’s not the same. Missing all of you immensely!


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