Saying goodbye by Will Wharton

Leaving Ecuador is much harder than doing the physical labor we did, or working with energetic children who speak a different language. Saying goodbye to the children who became so attached to us and the local teenagers who befriended us is nothing short of heartbreaking.


It is also going to be very difficult to get used to being alone rather than always with the 27 others on this trip with whom I Have bonded with and developed wonderful friendships with over my two trips to Ecuador. Leaving the exotic and natural beauty of the plants, animals, and landscapes of this country is going to be a challenge as well.

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Despite the sadness and longing to stay longer and help more, I find tremendous joy in being able to come here and to see the impact we have made on the youth during vacation bible school, and on the school as the buildings we poured the foundations for last year are now fully functioning classrooms.


This trip has taught me many lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life. As this trip comes to an end, I am truly thankful for my experiences in Ecuador and for the people I got to share them with.

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