Trust Like a Child By Carly Redmon

The one big thing about this trip that stuck out to me was how trusting the children were towards our team. Most of these kids know very little to no English. Our team knows about the same amount of Spanish. Yet we were somehow able to communicate with them and teach them about Jesus. I think it is cool to see Jesus working through them and our team throughout the course of this week.

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Specifically I spent most of my time at VBS with a beautiful little girl named Keyra. The first day as soon as Keyra got off the bus she ran over to me and gave me a big hug and that’s what started our beautiful friendship. Over the course of the week Keyra and I barely said 10 words to each other but her sweet laugh never failed to make me smile. Even though it was difficult to communicate we grew very close this week and it was very hard saying goodbye to my sweet girl this morning. She’s taught me so much about loving others unconditionally and keeping a positive attitude no matter what and I can’t wait to take that home with me.

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