Promotion Ceremony for Antioch School by Nelson Wilkinson

We had the privilege Friday morning of going to the promotion ceremony for Antioch school.  It was a scene that would not have been out of place in the USA.  There were children who had new hair cuts, slicked back hair, their best clothes and proud parents dressed up for the occasion.


When the kids came on stage parents with cell phones and cameras came forward to take pictures and video.  The moms took the lead and the dads stood back and watched.



The program took place in a covered soccer or basketball court.  The air was fresh and relatively cool after the afternoon rain we had yesterday.  The kids sat in chairs on the court and came on stage for their presentation.  Parents sat in the stands.


The differences where the dog walking around the arena, all of the speaking being in Spanish and the food vendor who rolled up with their cart to sell food, drink and ice cream.  Parents all over the world love and are proud of their kids.


But the ride home is different than the USA, Too!


In the same way, God loves us and looks at us when we have our “promotion ceremonies”.  We don’t do anything to earn that love.  God gives us His love through his grace and mercy.  We need to accept that love, grace and mercy from him.  We can then respond by sharing that love with others around us, or others in Ecuador.  Thank you all for helping us to get here to represent AFUMC!

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