Musica by Madison Boyd

Hey fam back in America! Just sitting in the Hostel singing songs and enjoying my time here.I was extremely lucky to lead worship both with our team at night and at VBS with the kids.

6N8A2641 6N8A2866 6N8A2646

This summer I am a camp counselor at Camp Highland so I have had the chance to learn songs that these kids would enjoy singing! There is this one chant that the kids ABSOLUTELY love called “A’in’t Nobody” (you may have seen it on Facebook).

Today we were on the bus with a few students from VBS and they started singing the songs without me. These kids who do not know a ton of English could sing complete songs in English by themselves!


For work today, I was part of the “dirt team” including my other Junior girls. Basically we moved dirt from a pile to a field in the pouring rain! I feel like I deserved dinner, its great!

6N8A2831  6N8A2829 6N8A2827 6N8A2826

This trip has been filled with priceless moments like these! From playing in the roads with the teenagers and making those deep relationships to painting nails with our Ecuadorian friend Natalie. This trip has truly been life changing.:)


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