Jesus Binds Us Together By Katie Von Bargen

It has been such a joy to work with the kids during VBS. I’m so impressed with how eager to learn, smart, and attentive they are. One thing that I love is how fast they learn the songs! When we teach them new songs in English, by the end of the day they know the whole song and are singing it at the top of their lungs.

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It’s amazing to see their love for Jesus being expressed in so many ways. When we got there, we even learned that they all knew Jesus Loves Me in English, and they all sang it together for us. Even though not all of them may have known what it meant, they all were singing for the same reason- Jesus.

Also, working at the Antioch School has really brought us closer as a team. We laugh and sing together and it really makes the work go by quickly.

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I can’t even believe that the 4 days of VBS and work are over! Lastly, I’ve seen God in the relationships we have formed with the local kids of the jungle. We hang out and play soccer with them every night, and it’s fun to speak Spanish with them and learn about their lives. Although we live in opposite hemispheres, we are united through Jesus. That is ultimately what I’ve learned through this trip- despite a language barrier and completely different cultures, Jesus is always the common factor no matter where you go!!!


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