Rec games by Kat Watson

Every day at VBS we have different sections. There are four different sections, bible verses, crafts, music, and rec games. I get to be a part of the rec games. How successful the games are depends on the age group. But one thing in common no matter what grade you have is their enthusiasm.

6N8A2558 6N8A2557 6N8A2559

Each group comes down and is ready to run circles around us. The amount of energy these kids have blows me away. They never stop so when you get tried they give you more energy to keep going. It amazes me how excited they are to just play a simple game of red light green light or a rely race. These games seem to be the highlight of their day and it makes what we are doing here that much sweeter.

Another thing that I noticed about the way these kids play is that they can literally play with anything. During snack break this group of boys picked up an empty coke bottle and just started playing soccer with it. They did not even think twice about it. It makes me jealous that they are so carefree and are so amused by everything.

6N8A2760 6N8A2758 6N8A2757 6N8A2756

6N8A2539 6N8A2537 6N8A2533 6N8A2511

Watching them teaches me that I need to be more open minded about what I spend my time on. The smallest thing could bring me joy but I would never give it a chance because its not “normal”.

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