Crafts, Sanding, and Worship By: Reagan Russell

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone is having a grand time back home! Yesterday, we started off the day with some amazing french toast made by Eunice to get ready for the first day of Vacation Bible School. When the children arrived at the venue for VBS they were so excited to hang out with the team. All of the kids were so loving even though there was a language barrier.

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I was working with crafts and we were making the earth out of a paper plate and tissue paper. The lesson that went with the craft was the creation story. It was truly amazing how talented and creative these kids were at making designs with the green and blue tissue paper.

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After we finished VBS we went and worked at the school in the jungle. I was sanding a wall at the school which I started out standing on the ground. About halfway in we were standing on a scaffolding which was super high up.


I can definitely say that i conquered some fears this trip. After working for hours we came back to the hostel and had another amazing meal of chicken and veggies.After dinner we had an amazing worship led by Madison and Emily Ruff. Madison led with some amazing songs including “Good, Good Father” and many more. Emily talked about what God wants us to do on the trip and it was very moving. Everyone is having a great time here and we cant wait to see what god has in store for the rest of this trip.

-Reagan Russell

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