WOOP WOOP by Hannah Williams


Greetings from Ecuador! WOW. That is one word that I’ve said a lot this week- whether it be about how goofy all of these people are or about God’s all encompassing love.  So far this trip has been filled with SO many cool experiences, new friends, and one awesome God. On Sunday, we started out the day with some worship and a church service given to us by the Memphis team.


Meeting them was so incredible for me; We are all from around the same area of the States and have felt called to serve the people of a tiny town in Ecuador.  There might be some major differences but we ALL have the same end goal- to share the love we have received from Jesus. And I don’t know about YOU, but I think that is really super neat.  Yeehaw! After that, we headed to the river and went to AmaZOOnica (an animal refugee center)

6N8A2189 6N8A22166N8A2194

Ate some DELICIOUS food yet again (thank you Ms. Eunice)

6N8A2226 6N8A2228 6N8A2227

and headed to the cultural center and got some sick face painting done. Thank you to the people of Chiripuna!

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One of my favorite experiences so far has been working with the kids from VBS.

6N8A2343 6N8A2349 6N8A2341

Hands down. Several other ladies and I have been given the opportunity to (sorta kinda) head up VBS and plan out themes, crafts, games, and memory verses etc. these past few months. We have all worked really hard to make sure everything was in place and ready to go, but we truthfully had no clue how everything was going to go down. It was SO awesome seeing the kids and just spending time pouring love into them. Whether they did the craft right or not, or played the games when they were told to….Stuff like that honestly didn’t even matter. What was important was seeing them HAPPILY learn about our INCREDIBLE Savior. That was a wake up call for me because I’m a “check-the-job-off-the-to-do-list” kind of gal and I like to see things get done. At first I was worried that not everything was going the way I had planned, but I realized that I have a really cool God, that knows WAYYYYY (and I mean WAY) more than I do. His plan is greater. And it always will be. Not just for things like this, but for any and every tribulation ad situation we might go through it life. Seeing those lovely smiles on their faces was a moment I’ll forever cling to. They are all PRECIOUS children of the King. Goodness, so much love. I am so incredibly excited for the rest of the week y’all! Our creator is already workin up an incredible plan not only for these kiddos, but also for us too. YWOOP WOOP!


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One thought on “WOOP WOOP by Hannah Williams

  1. Barbara Kebanli

    Beautiful, Hannah!

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