River Day – Ready to get to work! by Barry Russell

This trip has been different because we had to schedule the sightseeing at the beginning of the trip rather than the end. Normally I like the tourist stuff at the end -kind of like a celebration of our hard work. So this one has been a little different for me mentally.

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Luckily we did work at Dunmas in Quito on the the first day but I am still anxiously awaiting a chance to get to the school and get to work!  And that’s the thing with us Americans – we want to go a mission trip and have a neat project we can work on and take a picture of the day before we leave and show all our American friends what “we” accomplished!  But God works in everything – in the touring moments and the waiting moments. Today we were lucky to share a worship service led by a group from Memphis that was finishing their week here with Jungle Kids.


It was neat to see how their week had impacted them in so many ways. It was great for our youth to see how the other group was impacted as we prepare to get started! And it has been so neat to hear our youth share how they have been blown away by God’s creation as we have made our journey here and today on the river. Many times I worry that the youth aren’t fully realizing what we are seeing and soaking up what is right in front of them but tonight during devotion time they really blew my mind on how much they are aware of God’s beautiful creation and how blessed they are to be here for His purpose!  And how different people can look but that we are all God’s creation!  These kids are the best and I’m so excited to see more God has in store for us this week! Praise him for all that he has already done in the hearts of these kids!

Mr. Barry

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One thought on “River Day – Ready to get to work! by Barry Russell

  1. Barbara Kebanli

    Well said, Barry!

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