Hello from Quito! by Rachel Wilkinson

While the rest of the group travels through the jungle, building and teaching Vacation Bible School, my mom Robin and I are still in Quito getting ready for our first day of jewelry teaching! We’ve bought our supplies, thought of a plan, and put our game faces on. But before we go to teach at Dunamis tomorrow, we fit in one last day of touring. Today, after service at a local English speaking church, we visited Mitad del Mundo (the middle of the world)! Our wonderful host family, Monica and Fernando, were our tour guides.



Mitad del Mundo marks the equatorial line and is surrounded by a replica of a traditional Ecuadorian city. In the city we saw indigenous dancers in their costumes, shopped around, and visited a church smack dab on the line.


Sitting in the left pews puts you in one hemisphere and sitting on the right puts you in the other. After our touring was over, we stopped at a restaurant to eat typical Ecuadorian food. The dish we ordered, called Chugchucara, came with fritadas, empanadas (my personal favorite), four kinds of corn (yes, one of them was popcorn!), fried plantains, and Ecuadorian pork rinds!


We finally got back to the house late in the afternoon (Ecuadorians eat a big lunch at one or two and just tea, coffee, and snacks for dinner at seven or eight), and Boris came to visit with his wife Fernanda (Monica and Fernando’s daughter) and their two children. We played with the kids and talked with Boris, Monica, and Fernanda about our lessons for tomorrow. The girls don’t come to Dunamis until Tuesday so on Monday we’re teaching the volunteers and workers so that they can continue the lessons with the girls after we’re gone. This led to an impromptu Spanish lesson for mom and with her cheat sheet in hand, we’re ready for tomorrow!


Adios from Quito!


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