Welcome to the Jungle by Noah Ashley

Today started out at 7:00 as most of us got up ready to enjoy the day. We hurried through our breakfast of fresh eggs, bread, and fruit. Then we all packed our bags, loaded the bus, and went on our way to Misahualli, the town in the jungle where we will be working the rest of the week. We started out our long bus ride with a view of Quito as we left the city. You could see the miles and miles of buildings, surrounded by mountains and a volcano. It was really great to see so much of God’s creation in all of its splendor.


About halfway through our drive, we arrived at the town of Baňos. In this town by the river, we ate lunch at a pizza restaurant. While waiting for food, we got to go shopping in some of the many store that the city had to offer.

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On our way out of town, we took a mountain car across a canyon and back, we took a stop at the house of the original missionaries to that part of Ecuador, and then we continued on our journey across Ecuador to Misahualli.

6N8A2147 6N8A2151  6N8A2137 6N8A21446N8A2156

Shell House, Missionary Air Service established in 1948.

6N8A2162 6N8A2166

6N8A2159 6N8A2099

As I am typing this, we are finishing our journey and arriving in Misahualli. It has been great to see how God has started to bond our team and prepare us for the work to come. It has also been amazing to see the cultural and landscape changes as we moved through Ecuador. As we continue on this mission trip, keep us, and more importantly the people we are serving, in your prayers as we finish this journey that God has laid out for us. I can’t wait for the rest of the work to begin!

6N8A2119 6N8A2175 6N8A2174 6N8A2173 6N8A2172

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