Saturday Supply Shopping in Quito by Robin Wilkinson

When the team left this morning for the jungle, Boris took Rachel and me to our host home.  Monica, Boris’ mother-in-law and her husband Fernando are our gracious hosts.  And Monica speaks English – thank you, Lord!  She teaches the girls at Dunamis how to sew and make jewelry.  With our shared passion for jewelry (and chocolate), we really hit it off.

Though we brought about 150 pounds of clay and 50 more pounds of tools and supplies, we still needed some more – things like baking sheets, paper towels, plastic bins, and some other items that were easier to buy in-country rather than transport in.  It took us more than 5 hours, but we got everything we need and were able to experience the non-touristy side of Quito.

Jacqueline, an intern at Dunamis who is here for 6 weeks, is also staying here with Monica and Fernando, so we’re sure to have fun and be well taken care of.  An answer to prayer for both of us since Rachel is the Spanish speaker for us and I’m supposed to be the leader!

We’ll also be posting every day on my RWD blogsite with more pictures and updates about what we are doing.  To check it out, visit IMG_1489


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