Day 2 by Andrew Leigh

Yesterday started out with a very early morning as the sun bled through the blinds, slowly creeping its way up the wall and into our faces. But that was just the beginning! We soon left for Dunamis, where we ate breakfast. Boris assigned us jobs to do, which included painting the exterior of the complex along with some sanding. Painting was definitely not easy, but we did it. Boris wanted to have no paint on the floor/walkway, but you can probably guess how that turned out. Paint spots everywhere. For lunch we had some authentic empanadas, which proved to be delicious. After lunch we cleaned up and headed to the hostel to change and shower after a messy day of work. It took a while for everyone to clean up considering the amount of paint that accumulated on our skin and clothing. Soon after, we went to a statue called the Virgin Mary of Quito. It was a great location and you could see the whole city from there. It was incredible!!!!!! We then went to the Quito market and ate dinner in the mall.

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As we were working with Boris, it was incredible to see how god was working through his ministry. The girls that go through the ministry learn many skills including sewing and jewelry making. These skills that they learn can be used in the future to earn a living. These girls have been through sex trafficking and would never have had the opportunity to prosper without the help of Dunamis.  It was great to see how God was working in Quito and in Dunamis. I can’t wait to see what the jungle has in store for us!

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