Music To My Ears by Emily M.

Hey Y’all! So we made it to Ecuador! God blessed us with safe travels and we made it to our hostel. The weather is beautiful  here, finally a break from the heat. Today we got to work at Boris’s ministry and learn more about it. The stories we have heard are heartbreaking, but beautiful at the same time. These girls that are rescued are stronger than I could ever imagine to be. To be able to do something as simple as paint the exterior walls for the ministry was an incredible experience. While painting helped the ministry, I believe the painting helped us more. This activity made us act as a team for the first time. Everyone got to know each other better and we are beginning to act as one.

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One of the best things about today for me personally was getting to play and talk to Boris’s daughter, Zoe. I met Zoe last year and we immediately connected. She is one of the most loving and caring children I have ever met. After one year, she has grown into an even more beautiful child of God. She reminded me once again of the innocence that children have while immersed in a world of hurt. Her favorite thing is to be thrown in the air and to “fly”. Her laughter is music to my ears and her smile instantly brings one to my face. She is such a simple yet powerful reminder of to be just to be happy and not worry about factors that are out of our control. I feel blessed that I got to see Zoe once more, after I thought I would not have the chance to return back here. She is a true blessing to me and this world. 6N8A2048 Continue to pray for safe travels for us as we travel to jungle tomorrow! We hope that we can continue to be the hands and feet of God for the people and country of this incredible country, Whatever we face tomorrow during travels is just part of His plan. We miss everyone at home and love every prayer that is sent for us! Thank you! Love Always, Emily M.

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